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Q: What is a Listening Test


A listening test is a subjective test of auditory perception. Listening is an active state, as opposed to hearing, which is a passive state. Audiologists will test hearing thresholds from where one can hear to the point where one can not hear. A listening test starts at the opposite end, where you do not hear anything to where you think you perceive sound. This is based on a scientific principle of Dr. Tomatis from the last century: we can only recreate that which we perceive. That which we do not percieve, for example a sound of a certain frequency, we ourselves can not recreate it.

So, a listening test is one measure of the auditory processing system that we have and where it stands in its optimal rate. It can be very beneficial regarding issues of sensory integration, language comprehension and understanding, and even neuronal regulation.

So, a listening test will cover the spectrum from about zero to eight/nine thousand hertz. A listening test also covers the spectrum of both air and bone conduction. So, from a listening test if we think that someone is in need of it, after it's administered, we can have clues as to if they have issues with physical integration with their body, if they have issues with the language range, which also leads into issues of attension. And also areas of overall energy and well being.